August 2001
Welcome to mrs wee's e-magazine!

Hi kids! Welcome to the latest issue of the On-Line English Magazine! Once again, I would like to thank all of you for your contributions and feedback. Keep them coming in!

Latest update...on solve it!
The (from solve it!) has been having some problems recently, so I've taken away the links. Fear not, for I've located two new sites. Meanwhile, great detectives put your senses to work, for there are two new mysteries to solve.

This month .. it's lurking out there...
Silently it stalks its prey, moving through the thick, tall grass. Strong padded paws tip-toe without a sound toward the unsuspecting prey.
Adventure and mystery await those who seek them!!!

Mumbo Jumbo
features four new kids site packed with new educational games, puzzles and quizzes. You need to experience it to believe it. Be there or be square!!

Note: If this is your first time here,
take some time to have a look around. Click on the cartoon icons and pictures and they will bring you around this website. If you get lost, do not worry, just point to the little blue house icon on the top left of every page, that will bring you back here. it is that easy!

a note to parents

"it was a perfect time for the wolf to catch little Billy..."
solve it!
Girls Night In...
mumbo jumbo
Puzzles! Riddles! Quizzes galore!
Take your pick from the library's delicious selection of reading materials. Also read book reviews written by your classmates.
writer's corner
Sharpen your story-telling skills here! Will the pen be indeed mightier than the sword? Here's your chance to prove it.
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