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Story 1
by Ng Kah Wee, 3B

It was winter. Little Billy wanted to go to the forest to play but his old grandmother advised him not to as there were wolves. Little Billy did not take her advice and went to the forest to play.

His grandmother was cooking the dinner so she did not realise that little Billy was playing in the forest. After a while, a wolf came. It was hiding behind some bushes and was looking at little Billy with hungry eyes. Little Billy was tired after playing for some time so he took a rest under a tree. Then it was a perfect time for the wolf to catch little Billy. It walked slowly towards the sleeping boy and was about to open its mouth and eat the little boy up.

Just then, little Billy's grandmother noticed that he was missing from home. She went out of the house and saw the wolf approaching little Billy. Quickly she picked up a bamboo pole and ran towards the wolf. She hit it hard on the head and flung it high up in the air. The wolf landed hard on its face. It got up clumsily and limped away.

Little Billy was too frightened to move throughout the whole time. His grandmother picked him up and carried him home to safety. From then on, Little Billy always obeyed his grandmother.

Edited by Mrs Wee


Comments by Mrs Wee

A simple and enriching story which teaches the importance of obedience. Kah Wee is very careful with his usage of grammar. There was also appropriate usage of adverbs and vocabulary (in bold).

Kah Wee has also structured his composition fairly well with defined introduction, body and conclusion.


Story 2 by Kenneth Qua, 3B

It was after my exams and was walking home when I spotted a black dotted blue egg by the pavement. Out of curiosity, I picked up the egg and brought it home. Back in my room, the egg began to spin uncontrollably.

On the second day, it stopped spinning and started cracking. The next day, it hatched into a lizard. I knew it was not an ordinary lizard as it hatched from the black dotted blue egg. I did not know what it ate, but since it looked like a lizard I fed it with insects. It seemed to like it a lot, plus it had a huge appetite. As it grew bigger, it ate more. One day, when I was at the library, I saw a portrait of some knights battling with dragons. The picture reminded me of something when I looked at the dragon. I remembered that the lizard looked just like a miniature-size version of the dragon.

When I ran home, thoughts of how the baby dragon could grow into an adult dragon raced in my mind. I realised that my new pet would eventually become too big and dangerous to keep. Reluctantly, I decided to free him. That night, I crept out of the house with the baby dragon in a bag. I carried it to a cave in the mountains. I knew it would be a safe and peaceful place for the dragon. After I set it free, I thought of the happy moments we had together. I will always treasure those memories!

Comments by Mrs Wee

I really like this story. It is very descriptive (highlighted in bold) and has an imaginative plot. Kenneth was able to portray the feelings of the person involved. Just need to be careful with the spelling.
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