On-Line Stories

"A good book is worth its
weight in gold."
The Legend of Lightning Larry
by Aaron Sheppard

Well, you've heard about gunfighting good guys like
Doc Hollywood and Wyatt Earp. But I'll tell you a name
that strikes even greater fear into the hearts of bad men everywhere.

The Hidden One
by Aaron Sheppard

A native American folktale about the rewards brought
about by virtues like honesty and purity.
Somewhat similar to the story Cinderella
but in a different setting.

Tales of Camelot

This story is written by some pupils in Britain. It is set in the medieval period, during the reign of King Arthur and his knights of the round table. Read about their many adventures and encounters with fire-breathing dragon, the black Knights and more.

Hungry for more?

Enter the Rainbow Library of Chantessy. Choose from a selection of mythical and interesting story titles. Chantessy started her collection of writings since she was three. Read and be inspired!

Interactive stories

Enter the world of time-travelling. Here you can make your fantasy come alive. Create your own story path and your desired endings. Read the many story parts written by other young writers. But be sure to write in proper English when you want to add path. Please make sure your content is not violent or offensive in any way. Please read the instructions carefully or you might just spoil the whole story. Last but not least, write away and enjoy!

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